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Whether you are living in beautiful Bradenton, Florida, the surrounding areas or anywhere else in the US – the fact of the matter is we never think about hiring an appliance repair man until we are staring a problem right in the face.  At that moment, there’s usually a mad scramble to search for a reputable company to get the job done quickly.  As with most things, making desicions in haste don’t lead to great outcomes more often than not.

In the same fashion – all appliance repair technicians are not created equal, nor will all of the work they perform be done in the same manner.  Before you make that frantic call – here are ten things that you should consider before hiring a appliance repair company in Bradenton Florida:

1. Make Sure They are Licensed and Insured…

For most appliance repair services, a professional appliance service and repair technician must be licensed.

2. Check to See How Long the Company Has Been in Business…

Avoid here-today-gone-tomorrow companies that don’t have a history in your area. Make sure the technician and company they represent have been serving your area for a number of years and have ties to the local community.

3. Ask Your Friends/Family for a Referrals…

If you trust the person’s opinion, ask who they recommend. Ask them if they were satisfied with the service, professionalism as well as the price.

4. Check to See if They Keep Spare Parts in Stock…

When your appliance breaks down, you don’t want to wait days for a part to be shipped. A good appliance repair company should keep a well stocked supply of parts on their truck or van so the repair can be made on the first visit.

5. Price Isn’t Everything…

It’s natural to be tempted by the lowest quote, however a non-reputable appliance repair technician may offer a super-low price just to get your business. But if the appliance isn’t repaired correctly, it could actually cost you more money, time and aggravation in the long run. That isn’t to say that the highest quote necessarily means the highest quality of work either. Look for a fair price, especially when considering all the other factors listed in this article.

6. Are You Hiring a Family-Owned Business or a Technician from a National Chain?

A family owned company that has been in business in your community for a number of years has a reputation to uphold and has motivation for doing quality work and a fair price. However, a technician from a large corporation may not have that same motivation.

7. The Company that Advertises the Most Isn’t Always the Best…

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with advertising. But when your appliance does break, don’t make your decision solely on the company you remember from a TV commercial. A company that advertises way more than anyone else might need to in order to overcome a bad reputation And if they are spending a lot of money to advertise, then most likely they need to charge more. Always shop around.

8. Is the Technician knowledgeable and educated about the latest technical advances?

Appliance technology is constantly changing and so is the technology to repair the appliances. Your technician should be up-to-date on the latest advancements and taking ongoing education classes to stay knowledgeable.

9. Do they offer written estimates and offer warranty on replacement parts?

Always make sure you get an estimate before any work is performed. And all parts used to repair the appliance should be covered with at least a 60 day warranty (90 days is preferred).

10. Does the company have a website?

Sure, even bad businesses can have a website, but it does show that they have an investment in their business. A website, combined with the other nine considerations in this article should give you a good indication of whether the appliance repair company is worth doing business with.

We Can Help!

When you need a appliance repaired in Bradenton, there’s only one name to know: Al Lewis from All Appliance Repair, family owned and operated with over 45 years of experience.  Since 1976, Al has been servicing virtually all types of major appliances and has the knowledge and understanding to get the job done right the first time.  Fully licensed and insured, with a 90 day warranty on all parts, you’ll get a n estimate before any work is done.  Contact All Appliance Repair today!  941-745-0334 We look forward to hearing from you!